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To me, the challenge is certainly surmountable," he said.
These two technology areas are considered well balanced in terms of offering high value to stakeholders and surmountable barriers to adoption and diffusion," officials say.
This nearly insurmountable task, though, gets more surmountable by the year.
But the challenges become surmountable with some creative instruction.
The Indian logjam could be surmountable if only the political class learnt to work together to redeem their plummeting stock.
Unfortunately, the two big obstacles to charging for content do not appear to be readily surmountable, suggesting that publishers will need to be more creative about merchandising their journalism in the future than they have been to date.
Yet even that bloody history might be surmountable if Hamas would make clear once and for all that it intends to forswear violence, negotiate a deal and live in peace alongside Israel.
Lodhi referred to many issues facing her country and was of the view that these were all surmountable provided that all defects of governance were removed.
I'm not naive enough to say everything is perfect and possible, and all obstacles surmountable, but the first step to changing things is to work with what you've got.
That's a problem more surmountable than that which will face our society if these brutes are allowed to rear their broods unchecked.
The difficulties presented in all are certainly surmountable, yet there is enough challenge to offer some reward at the other end of the practice process.
A tone of tenacious optimism a concern for all living creatures and the belief that problems are surmountable are positives with potential appeal to the spiritually inclined.