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Bermuda: Nepal surmounted the Oman bowling attack to achieve its second victory of the tournament, defeating Oman by 28 runs at the National Sports Stadium in the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 tournament.
The Queen Mother's coffin, draped in her personal standard and surmounted by her crown, was carried on a horse-drawn gun carriage.
Also included were two diptychs in which one striped canvas hangs above another: In Hey Joe--Solo, hotel-room pastels appeared above acid hues; a syncopated composition in Babe, I'm Gon na Leave You (Solo) surmounted another composition in which Bavington's bands were nearly metronomic--even in width and placement.
This opaque base is surmounted by three interconnecting light boxes running across the structure's main grain, each indicating the court inside and each set at a different angle so that the building's silhouette has great sculptural presence.
AFI said it has surmounted this problem by using VDOnet Corp.
Geers constructed a labyrinth with screens surmounted by razor wire, which is said to be a particularly effective human deterrent: In South Africa it was used to defend property and fortify prisons against those who wished to exit the "labyrinth," while normal twisted barbed wire, being less "persuasive," was used to keep back animals.
On the upper floor of the main building, bedrooms flow out into mirador-like balconies and terraces, and the house is surmounted by a roof terrace, a delicate wooden pavilion in which to find shade and tranquillity.
Campo magnetico (Magnetic field), 1991, consisted of an iron circle lying on the floor, surmounted by a long blade of the same material hanging in the air from another magnet suspended from the ceiling.
Fredericia Furniture for The Unrockable: a concave seat, by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, made of 35 wooden staves driven into a curved wooden base and surmounted by a turned knob.
Curiously, in these gaps the undulations seem to be at a definite distance from the painting's surface; it is the predominant blur that seems to define the picture plane, which is in turn surmounted by two cambered passages of hot pink at the top and bottom of the rectangle as well as a single band of the same color that meanders in from the top right and heads toward the center.