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SURNAME. A name which is added to the christian name, and which, in modern times, have become family names.
     2. They are called surnames, because originally they were written over the name in judicial writings and contracts. They were and are still used for the purpose of distinguishing persons of the same name. They were taken from something attached to the persons assuming them, as John Carpenter, Joseph Black, Samuel Little, &c. See Name.

References in classic literature ?
John Carter's Martian name, from the surnames of the first two warrior chieftains he killed.
More to the south we saw many pure Indians: indeed, all the inhabitants of some of the islets retain their Indian surnames.
The gush of tobacco came from the shop downstairs, and the soapy arm proceeded from the body of a servant-girl, who being then and there engaged in cleaning the stars had just drawn it out of a warm pail to take in a letter, which letter she now held in her hand, proclaiming aloud with that quick perception of surnames peculiar to her class that it was for Mister Snivelling.
The court will look at the circumstances and generally you will need to demonstrate good reason to change your children's surname.
Smith is another one although everyone thinks of Smith as being a surname of convenience, as in Mr and Mrs Smith checking into a hotel.
On Friday, the office of the crown prince issued a directive to the Interior Ministry to strip off the family of Princess Srirasm, 42, of the surname, reports the (http://www.
I didn't take my husband's surname - I've got my own, thank you.
The wrestler- turned- politician who was a minister in the Rabri Devi government has apparently changed his surname to woo the Yadav voters of his constituency.
The early Welsh practice was for sons and daughters to take the name of their fathers, Madog ab Pwain for example, but from the 1500s, when families started to take a surname, Dafydd ap Thomas would drop the ap, or Hywel ab Owain became Bowen, ap Hugh turning into Pugh.
Landlady of the Red Fox Inn, Georgina Gray, was unable to recall any local families with the popular Welsh surname.
Where only 35 characters were allowed on the licence, now 40 characters can be permitted for surnames.