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Washington DC, [USA] Nov 20 ( ANI ): Korean boy band BTS broke the global event cinema record surpassing English boy band One Direction.
Record 1,602,673 Henry Hub Natural Gas futures contracts, surpassing the previous record of 1,232,635 contracts set on Nov.
And hydropower projects surpassing 50MW capacity and construction period exceeding three years, a spread not surpassing 2.75 percent will get authorized.
The port of Cebu also collected P2.4 billion last month, surpassing its goal by five percent, while the port of Davao brought P1.94 billion in revenue, also up 19.2 percent from target.
'Pakistan is a fast emerging market for us, especially since we expect surpassing the 20% share by June this year.
'I think we will probably register an impressive record surpassing that of Imelda and the rest.'
Trading of VIX futures at Cboe Futures Exchange reached a new all-time high on Tuesday, February 6 with 1.46 million contracts, surpassing the previous single-day record from Monday, February 5.
Opener Ahmed Shehzad has become the fourth highest T20I runs scorer for Pakistan, surpassing legendary all-rounder Shahid Afridi.
By yesterday, nearly 8,000 gifts had been donated by customers - already surpassing last year's donations of 7,500 - with still one week of the appeal left to go.
FTV1 came close to surpassing the speed of sound, reaching M 0.995 during a test flight in March 2017 - the largest business jet to operate so close to the sound barrier.
Also surpassing their respective first-quarter collection goals were San Fernando, Iloilo, Clark, Legaspi, Zamboanga and Tacloban.
He explained that surpassing the Constitution and institutions via the resort to another Doha accord would mean announcing in a way or another the "death of them." Geagea stressed that Hezbollah was derailing the process of said election, indicating that such matter "was clear especially after we announced General Michel Aoun as candidate." He said that the Lebanese Forces was negotiating with the Future over the adoption of the candidacy of General Aoun to presidency in order to surpass Hezbollah's derailment, indicating that Hezbollah "doesn't want him [Aoun] to become president." A.M.