surplus time

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I physically don't have the resource to do this as my surplus time is ploughed into carrying out the demand for photography projects and further establishing Cwtch e Bride.
The internship is a perfect utilization of my surplus time.
When households have surplus time and are short on cash, self-providing becomes a more intelligent way to meet needs than in eras of plentiful market work and easy money.
If we are to lead creative, innovative and beautiful lives, we need some surplus time and energy.
Part treasure hunt, part global hide-and-seek, as addictive as crack but way less expensive, geocaching is something you can do with all your surplus time and energy.
To fund that surplus we agreed to reduce our sick pay cover, but when the track speeds went up the surplus time never arrived and the company got more cars.
Only problem was, they were playing football - an impromptu seven-a-side match on the St Lawrence Ground outfield as they burned up the surplus time and energy at their disposal following an inexplicably sub-standard performance in their chosen sport.
Unlike other sixteenth-century monarchs such as Henry VIII, who tended to channel the hours saved from meetings into more pleasurable pursuits like the joust or the hunt, Philip devoted that surplus time he saved to his ever-demanding desk.