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SURPLUS. That which is left from a fund which has been appropriated for a particular purpose; the remainder of a thing; the overplus the residue. (q.v.) See 18 Ves. 466.
     2. The following is an example of a surplus; if a thing be put in pledge as a security to pay one hundred dollars, and it be afterwards sold for one hundred and fifty dollars, the fifty dollars will be the surplus. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 697. See Overplus; Residue.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Remarkably, Asia's oil-importing countries contribute heavily to GCC's current account surpluses. Japan alone accounts for 12 per cent of the total GCC trade, but contributes around 28 per cent to its surplus.
The two other schools with over pounds 1 million surpluses - The College High in Erdington and George Dixon International School in Edgbaston - failed to respond when contacted by The Birmingham Post.
Under pressure to force the companies to reduce their surpluses, the DOI developed a new model to analyze the companies' surplus levels.
Based on the officially reported "surpluses"/deficits, the huge deficits during first Bush presidency peaked at $290 billion in 1992, ebbed during the Clinton administration, and then returned with a vengeance during the second Bush presidency.
But continuing to run surpluses beyond the point at which we reach zero or near-zero federal debt brings to center stage the critical longer-term fiscal policy issue of whether the federal government should accumulate large quantities of private (more technically nonfederal) assets.
Then there's the fiscally responsible camp that views budget surpluses as the natural way to reduce the size of the government's outstanding debt and, as a consequence, the amount of interest that Americans have to pay on that debt.
Japan has trade surpluses with many of its neighbors such as Korea and Taiwan and Hong Kong.
It is these observations that appear to be causing economists, including those who contributed to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the CBO budget projections, to raise their forecasts of the economy's long-term growth rates and budget surpluses. This increased optimism receives support from the forward-looking indicators of technical innovation and structural productivity growth, which have shown few signs of weakening despite the marked curtailment in recent months of capital investment plans for equipment and software.
Nonetheless, pressures will mount, and I believe that the growth potential of our economy is best served by maintaining the unified budget surpluses presently in train and thereby reducing Treasury debt held by the public.
Excluding surpluses in Social Security and postal services, there was a budget deficit of 1.0 billion dollars, the department said.
There had been speculation among some players that the BOJ would leave a smaller surplus in the market, because on Friday last week, the BOJ left a surplus of 700 billion yen, down from the 1 trillion yen surpluses it had left the 11 consecutive trading days before then.
In particular, the large budget surpluses that are projected over the next fifteen years or so, if they are permitted to materialize, will significantly improve our fiscal and economic position as the baby boom starts to retire.