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Bao, Boehem and Lyubomirsky (2012) showed that, when one is positively surprised, the individual is able to "cheat" the process and prolong the period of hedonic adaptation.
I cannot say I am surprised by your biased and unbalanced reporting, half truths and poorly thought out conclusions, but .
When the party began Warren was surprised to see 20 of his close pals, who joined him for dinner, soon he was completely taken aback, as 60 more people entered with a huge cake in the shape of number 30, wishing him.
1 : to cause to feel wonder or amazement because of being unexpected <Her resemblance to her father surprised me.
SO, the would-be wind turbine developers are surprised at the Ministry of Defence's late objections to their plans for the Tyne valley (The Journal, January 16).
Mark Scott, 20, dry liner, Felling: I'm not surprised that people aren't going there any more.
When either of these girls warms up, don't be surprised to see Oaks Christian jack up 25 treys in a game.
I'll be pleasantly surprised to see a better movie this year.
In every case, however, the participants were surprised by the level of agreement and Christian friendship they found from the action of the Holy Spirit.
A member of the Security Pro executive committee, Whitehead was surprised after he missed an annual conference to get several messages from other board members representing larger companies all over the United States expressing their regret at having missed him.
AS I READ the blurb about Calgary-born filmmaker Michael Dowse in the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival program guide for his sophomore feature, It's All Gone Pete Tong, I was surprised.