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Rule for Courts-Martial 1001(d) allows both the government and defense to present evidence in rebuttal and surrebuttal respectively.
Trial practitioners trying to get in the last word via rebuttal or surrebuttal need to first focus on what they are trying to accomplish.
The CAAF recognized the valuable right of an accused to provide an unsworn statement and the right of an accused to provide an additional unsworn statement in surrebuttal circumstances.
On April 10, 2009, intervenors filed surrebuttal testimony.
On April 21, 2008, ComEd filed its surrebuttal testimony, which included a $345 million revenue increase reflecting certain adjustments.
On April 24, 2007 the Minnesota Department of Commerce (MDOC) filed surrebuttal testimony recommending a rate increase of $10.
Other parties to the proceeding may file surrebuttal testimony by April 29, 2005, and hearings are expected to be held in early May.
There were attacks(160) and counterattacks,(161) followed by rebuttals(162) and surrebuttals.