surrender of control

See: abdication
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Despite the presence onscreen of key Times figures such as former publisher Tom Johnson, editor Bill Thomas and Times Mirror exec Peter Fernald (as well as former Times reporter, author and Times chronicler Dennis McDougal), nobody can get to the bottom of what led Otis Chandler to his inexplicable retreat and surrender of control of the paper in the 1980s.
One response to the surrender of control is disengagement, but Frank suggests that a better response is attentive engagement, as if by close observation we might win a chance to influence the course of health; thus, even absent the capacity to control health outcomes, we take responsibility for them, and influence them as and when we can.
The big cities' problem with Region 2050 is that it seemed to entail a surrender of control. Springfield, which has grown steadily less supportive of intergovernmental undertakings, was the first to back away from the Region 2050 strategy.
The document setting out the rules, laws and regulations which form the basis of the European constitution calls for complete surrender of national identity, surrender of all national laws (which will be replaced by European Community laws), surrender of control over taxes, these are facts that I write, signing up to the cursed European Constitution would destroy Britain, our country would simply be a region of Europe, ruled and controlled by Brussels.