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However, these profits will be heavily reduced, or possibly even negative, whenever policyholders with impaired health status sell their contracts on the secondary market instead of surrendering them.
After working with her accountant to select a provider she receives $314,735 for the policy--an economic gain of $246,439 over the cash value she would have received from simply surrendering the policy.
Around pounds 1billion worth of policies are sold back to life insurance companies each year - known in the trade as surrendering your endowment.
Which customers are in danger of lapsing or surrendering policies?
the subject has asked about the consequences of surrendering.
This article discusses the New York State Real Property Gains Tax (the "Gains Tax"), the New York State Real Estate Transfer Tax (the "New York State Transfer Tax"), and the New York City Real Property Transfer Tax (the "New York City Transfer Tax") consequences of surrendering property in settlement of a mortgage liability.
Hundreds of drug users and pushers have been surrendering to police and government officials in different parts of the country since President Rodrigo Duterte was sworn into office.
However, with 13 rebels surrendering in Narayanpur district in the last one year and villagers from the region voting for the first time in several years during last year's assembly polls, the local administration has plenty to cheer about.