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On the other hand, we show in the next section that there exists a minimal surrender charge function such that the optimal strategy corresponds to not surrendering the policy at all times.
There is a view that only those who are active members of the armed movement should be eligible for surrendering and getting the benefits by the Centre and the state government.
"We usually do not recommend surrendering a policy as the customer not only loses out all the benefits of the insurance scheme but also receives a much lower amount than the total premium he must have paid," says Rajeev Kumar of Bharti AXA Life Insurance.
After working with her accountant to select a provider she receives $314,735 for the policy--an economic gain of $246,439 over the cash value she would have received from simply surrendering the policy.
Around pounds 1billion worth of policies are sold back to life insurance companies each year - known in the trade as surrendering your endowment.
Surrendering the policy and collecting the $947.43 would have resulted in a taxable gain of $4,027.85.
Again and again we see the archaic figures in situations of danger, sometimes happily surrendering to their fate, as in Dream Sequence VIII, 1999, where painful falling seems to have become pleasurable floating.
General Curtis LeMay, General Arnold, General Marshall, the top British military leader, General Ismay, and Winston Churchill all said at the time that the Japanese were defeated and in the process of surrendering before the bomb was dropped.
* the subject has asked about the consequences of surrendering.