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On Good Friday, alias Dante, vice team leader, alias Jek, and alias Gary, surrendered to police and military units in Barangay Colonsabak.
They were presented to Brigadier-General Ariel Felicidario III, the 1101st Brigade commander also based in Danag, following their surrender.
Bagnus Gaerlan, 102nd Infantry Brigade commander, said the surrender of the alleged NPA team leader would lead to the surrender of many other NPA members in the area.
Seven of the group of persons seen on the viral video who were cursing President Duterte while in a supposed pot session surrendered to authorities Wednesday.
Brahmdev, who became a Maoist at the age of 10 due to some land issue, was garlanded and given a bouquet among other gifts by the police officials after he surrendered.
'We need two weeks of consent to negotiate the application on surrender because we have eight names of premises we are vacating and if allowed I would name them,' Aduda said.
Require an insurer to process a contract surrender request within 45 days.
(11) This step implicitly assumes that the continuation value of the VA contract is equal to the value of the contract if surrenders are not allowed, that is,
Sources said the IB has found that several incidents of surrenders were fake.
If insurers were to offer cash surrender values to policyholders in excess of contractually guaranteed amounts, the secondary market would be altered, perhaps to the advantage of both the insurance company and the policy owner.
tax purposes, since the UK group relief provisions (a statutory scheme that affords an entitlement to certain commonly controlled company groupings to surrender or share losses between group members) restricts loss claim and surrender to U.K.
Secretary Rumsfeld also made unsettling comments regarding the treatment of hostile Afghans attempting to surrender. Referring to the Mazar-e-Sharif battle in which some 500 pro-Taliban fighters were killed, Rumsfeld was quoted as saying that "no quarter" would be given to troops trying to surrender.