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Piracy and surreptitious activities in the Malay Archipelago and adjacent seas, 1600-1840
Lawyers for the strip clubs have said the fee was a surreptitious tax because lawmakers failed to designate 25 percent of the money to be collected for public education.
The plot thickens on the surreptitious attempt by the Government to stop the debate on foodbanks.
The survey found that people are afraid of hacking, surreptitious photography and filming.
Mambetseitov introduced a draft law on control functions over import, export and use of special technical means for surreptitious obtaining of information in Kyrgyzstan.
Various foreign transactions have been made in the franchisee without either notifying Reserve Bank of India or in a completely surreptitious way to get around FEMA," an official said.
A Scottish Government spokesman said later: "Making and distributing a secret and surreptitious recording of a confidential meeting is inconsistent with the behaviour expected of the chair of a publiclyfunded college.
The New York Department of Financial Services has accused the British bank of conducting surreptitious transactions with Iran for nearly a decade.
Come Sunday, he eagerly answered a knock on the saloon bar door, expecting the surreptitious delivery of a jerry can or two.
The president offered no details, but Science News Letter explained how such surreptitious weapons tests could have been identified and authenticated (10/1/49, p.
Their chosen method of attack is this surreptitious chipping away at the service, so their friends in the hedge fund and equity finance industries can cut themselves a slice of the NHS's pounds 110bn-a-year funding.
Payment is not a necessary condition for defining surreptitious advertising, the Court of Justice of the European Union concluded, on 9 June (Case C-52/10).