surrounding area

See: periphery
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AN annual cricket match has boosted the economy of a Conwy village and surrounding area by nearly PS250,000.
The blaze destroyed hundreds of vehicles and prompted the evacuation of multiple buildings in the surrounding area.
I am having difficulties in tracing photos of the school and its surrounding area dating from when it was first built in 1937.
The figures, compiled by Lloyds Bank, show young professionals can expect to pay PS735,874 for a home in an area popular with young urbanites, compared with PS664,716 typically in the surrounding area.
Properties in the New Forest commanded PS286,442 more than homes in the surrounding area on average, the research found.
According to police sources the police force along with elite force, bomb disposable squad, female police force and intelligence department officials raided in the surrounding area of Ablan Afghan Refugee Camp and arrested 29 suspects in the search operation and shifted them to Cantonment police station.
Eleven of the National Park areas had higher average prices than those in the surrounding county, with only Snowdonia in Wales having lower property prices than those in the surrounding area.
Claudia knows the Dale City, Woodbridge, VA and surrounding area Real Estate market and specializes in Dale City, Woodbridge, VA and surrounding area Real Estate.
The typical price of a home near a Waitrose is around PS38,831 or 12% higher than the price of a property in the surrounding area.
5m depth, and harmed more than 60 cars and 6 buildings in the surrounding area of the mosque.
The Onslow County Board of Adjustment has determined a quarry would be harmonious with the surrounding area with a provision that the quarry faces remain more than 2,000 ft.