surrounding facts

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The totality of the surrounding facts established provided more than sufficient probable cause to support the attendance of evident premeditation on the part of the suspects to kill Mayor Espinosa, carried out under the pretense of serving a search warrant,' Poe added.
The club will work with the FAI to ensure the full truth and all the surrounding facts concerning these allegations of match fixing, which is a blight on the game, emerge.
However, for the CCI: "When seen collectively in the background of surrounding facts and circumstances, they only appear to be a part of the bigger plan strategy of Roche Group to eliminate competition posed by biosimilars to Roche's products in the relevant market.
An amount is not subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture if the surrounding facts and circumstances indicate that the condition is unlikely to be enforced.
And once you've made the case for change by sharing the problems and the surrounding facts, they will be very interested in how you can help.
A case involving a corporation's return further emphasizes the importance of the surrounding facts and circumstances on the validity of an informal claim.
To apply a principle correctly, one must recognize the purpose of the action in question, and one must apply the principle with respect to both that purpose and the surrounding facts.
All of the analyses of ethical failures throughout the book are accompanied by a thorough, concise recitation of the surrounding facts and circumstances.
Before I explore the contents of the book, I will note three surrounding facts that are symptomatic of the times.
There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding facts about Israeli gas.
The idea behind the CSM is to simulate a real case business scenario with the surrounding facts and constraints.
It is generally dependent on the surrounding facts, witness testimony and the courts' interpretation of them.