surrounding influence

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Heaven and hell only know by what surrounding influences strange sins come into the lives of men.
4 : a surrounding influence or set of conditions <an atmosphere of excitement>
The bubble and the surrounding influence volume constitute a cell.
The main reason is the lack of thermal insulation and technical parameters of thermal insulation, which are considerably degraded due to their age and the effects of the surrounding influences. The subject of performance relates to a work consisting of the following sub-parts of the work:
Youth are susceptible to surrounding influences such as peers, and established behavior patterns, such as psychosocial patterns, can determine their health risks (Healthy People 2020, 2014).
Much like his photographs, Weegee's writings are introspective, candid, and often startling in their candor and assessments of both self and surrounding influences and environment: "I have no inhibitions, and neither has my camera.
If we want a successful company that is resistant to negative surrounding influences which may endanger its existence, it is necessary to make products of sufficient quality in a short delivery time and with the minimum cost.