surrounding space

See: periphery
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PAGH Ventures believes this change in business model is necessary to bring the site up to date with the latest consumer needs and to ensure the longevity and sustainability of both the existing restaurant and the new venture "In addition to improving the external surrounding space at 55 Degrees North, PAGH Ventures intends to invest in improving surrounding subways in partnership with the council, the landlord and NE1," said Mr Hutchinson.
This data can also tell you where there's a mass deficit-areas where there's less mass than the surrounding space.
When this happens, the surrounding space is blasted with radiation.
Harnessing the formal and social resonances of the avant-garde, Pousttchi's works seek to overcome the static nature of sculpture by activating the surrounding space to effect a dynamic play between interior and exterior (notice the ways in which the solid, helix-like exoskeletons render transparent the internal cavities of their structures) while participating in a broader dialogue about sculpture's historical relationship to monumentality and its place within the social sphere.
As mentioned before, this bungalow is very spacious, but the surrounding space is more than big enough to allow for expansion if more living accommodation is required.
The color becomes part of the surrounding space, woven into a dynamic, variable system of forces that is formed from light.
But I do think they should take responsibility and tidy up the surrounding space that gets littered.
Pilot and passengers sit inside an acrylic globe, offering an almost unrestricted view of the surrounding space.
To return to sugary loves lost, we waved goodbye Aztec, prize and Jolly bars, yet nothing matched the legendary frenzy of the furore surrounding Space Dust .
But our prospective table for four was so crammed into a corner behind six young people already dining my wife, Collette, instantly asked for an alternative table - with more surrounding space.
25 metres away from the next, and have a surrounding space of six square metres.