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I shouldn't like, myself, to spill more human blood in this spot," he added, looking around with anxiety in his features, at the dim objects by which he was surrounded; "but what must be, must!
When the party reached the point where the horses had entered the thicket which surrounded the blockhouse, they were evidently at fault, having lost those marks which, until that moment, had directed their pursuit.
A rueful smile touched his lips as he contemplated the unhappy circumstances which surrounded the accession of this knowledge for though he was far from being without hope, he realized that only by the merest chance could he escape these people and regain his machine.
After the first monologue the whole company rose and surrounded Mademoiselle George, expressing their enthusiasm.
Wooden interior doors with steel surrounds: - approx.
(2008) 'The Use of Surrounds in Saving Private Ryan', (Appendix) in Holman, T.
Second, the material volume which surrounds the lifting line is shielded by a metallic pipe.
This family-run business boasts a wealth of knowledge, andwith around 300 fire and surrounds on display in the showroom, you'll be spoilt for choice.
7 Solid wood surrounds are heavy but essential for solid-fuel fires.
The disk surrounds a star called HD 142527, which lies 650 light-years from Earth.
As the lead contractors for the facade work, Seaboard cleaned the beige brick facade, repointed the masonry, repaired the wooded window surrounds, and restored the synagogue's large terra-cotta center window.
The surrounds are fairly low in level, probably the result of the remastering engineer (I assume this was also Bob Katz) not wanting the ambiance to muddy up the sound.