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STATION, civil law. A place where ships may ride in safety. Dig. 49, 12, 1, 13; id. 50, 15, 59.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Survey stations Station Height Area/Town Scenarios Survey Station Mezzoldo (BG) 1682 m Bergamo High Altitude--North Edolo (BS) 720 m Brescia Middle Altitude--North Lambrate (MI) 120 m Milano Lower Altitude--North Pizzotrevescovi (MC) 1670 m Macerata High Altitude--Centre Camerino (MC) 780 m Macerata Middle Altitude--Centre Cerbara (PG) 288 m Perugia Lower Altitude--Centre Montescuro (CS) 1671 m Cosenza High Altitude--South Acri (CS) 750m 750 m Cosenza Middle Altitude--South Martirano (CZ) 281 m Catanzaro Lower Altitude--South
2, where the 'survey stations' share the same conditions (same length, the same section width, same degree of slope etc.), but are preceded and succeeded by different degrees of tortuousness.
To predict the values at each bottom trawl survey station, the trend surface value at each station was added back to the model prediction (Hengl et al., 2007).
[SO.sub.4] concentrations decreased from fish survey Station 3 to Station 9 (Table 2), likely a result of dilution by groundwater in the lower Pigeon River (MacDonald et al.
setting up a computer network consisting of a file server and as many computers as desired telephone survey stations (if this facility already exists, these costs are eliminated);
The problems compound when a survey station is dedicated to measuring traffic speed.
A survey station consists of some point with an individual name and location.
We also used the Spatial Analyst package to obtain estimates of slope and aspect per survey station. We first converted a 1/9 arc-second resolution elevation map using the Slope tool and then used the Zonal Statistics tool to estimate average degree slope within the 100 m radius circle around each survey station.
Net points are usually set-out of the survey station with the polar method.
Capturing the images was a second bite at the cherry for Doug, who studied marine biology at Stirling University and worked as research diver on the British Antarctic Survey station at Signy Island before moving into film-making.
Arup engineer Catriona Gillies spoke to the youngsters about her experience on secondment in Antarctica where she worked for 30 months on Halley V - the British Antarctic Survey station.

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