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SURVEY, The act by which the quantity of a piece of land is ascertained; the paper containing a statement of the courses, distances, and quantity of land, is also called a survey.
     2. A survey made by authority of law and duly returned into the land office, is a matter of record, and of equal dignity with the patent. 3 Marsh. 226; 2 J. J. Marsh, 160. See 3 Greenleaf, 126; 5 Greenleaf, 24; 14 Mass. 149 1 Harr. & John. 20 1 1 Overt. 199; 1 Dev. & Bat. 76.
     3. By survey is also understood an examination; as, a survey has been made of your house, and now the insurance company will insure it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If 5 administrators and 5 surveyors interpret the same guideline, it might result in 10 different interpretations --interpretation is a subjective process, which often leads to contradictory opinions.
The beam rebounds back to Global Surveyor, and the altimeter measures the elapsed round-trip time and estimates the elevation.
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The minister said before commencement of the design and construction phases of each project, her ministry ensured that the required credentials of all key staff who possessed expertise in site layout, among others, were verified.She said the ongoing Gaborone-Boatle road project had Batswana land surveyors involved in its supervision team.
Here, I have used the words Insurance Surveyors organization, because the Insurance (Amendment) Act-1948 had the Provision for 2-different types of Insurance Surveyors Organization, namely a Company Licenced Surveyors Co.
The county allegedly closed the offices to have survey services offered by the surveyors registered by the county government.
After the official search, the landowner, with the help of the surveyor, is required to get a registry index map (RIM) from the Survey of Kenya.
(b) the terms of reference given to the insurance surveyor by the person engaging him;
Many of these are specified by building regulations, which the surveyor needs to understand and adhere to.
Senior quantity surveyor Dave Muirhead brings more than 25 years' experience with a wide range of expertise across the public and private sector while quantity surveyor John Kavanagh has eight years' experience in commercial and infrastructure projects.