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"Survivance's" goal was to enable and encourage immigrants and their children to remain French.
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It is an explicit example of Indigenous survivance, which claims rights and visibility in Canadian government and also in Canadian society.
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Sovereignty, separatism, and survivance; ideological encounters in the literature of Native North America.
(17) Nevertheless, we think it is worth noting that a less Eurocentric and non-psychologizing alternative to resilience already exists in the concept of "survivance," coined by literary critic and theorist Gerald Vizenor, who wanted to propose a term with a power equivalent to "dominance," a term that would insist on the condition of creative presence of Aboriginal peoples.
Merci pour nos epreuves, merci pour notre survivance. En ce jour memorable, les Acadiens vous adorent et se consacrent entierement a votre service.
Merci pour nos epreuves, roerei pour notre survivance. En ce jour memorable, les Acadiens vous adorent et se consacrent entierement a votre service.
But what makes this the most powerful essay in the collection are the connections Harvey makes between hockey and larger processes of social transformation within Quebec: les Canadiens, he suggests, served as an important rallying point for French-Canadians in an age dominated by the ideology of survivance; but more recently--as Quebecers reflected confidence in their ability to run their own economic and political affairs and as Francophone cultural life blossomed--hockey became but one way to express French-Canadian assumptions of nationhood.
The author might have provided more support for his claims to the resilience of indigenous peoplehood had he referenced some of the excellent work produced by scholars such as Margaret Archulet, Brenda Child, or Tsianina Lomawaima about student life at Indian boarding schools, or if he had addressed the theoretical concept of "survivance" advanced by Gerald Vizenor.