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sumatrensis that were identified as resistant to glyphosate as well as those identified as susceptive to glyphosate conflicts with our hypothesis that lower genetic diversity is expected in samples of resistant biotypes that have been selected for by the use of herbicides.
They are susceptive to proteolytic attack resulting from matrix proteases [94].
The effective factors in identifying individuals who are susceptive to low back pain were as the following: trunk flexor/extensor and bilateral gluteus medius muscles co-activation patterns, frontal plane control during clinical assessment and gluteus medius endurance, based on the visual analogue scale (VAS), in the pain developer group as compared to the non-pain developer group, the threshold showed an increase in the trunk flexor/extensor and bilateral gluteus medius muscles co-activation.
NF-kB "plays a critical role in cancer development and progression" and is a "a key pathway in activation of immune responses" and this "activation may also affect the cancer's response to therapy, making it less susceptive to radio and chemo treatment." (3) Many of the supplements that we encourage our cancer patients to take lower NF-kB.
In his 'Preface' to the second edition of Horae Lyricae (1709), Watts elaborates on this principle: 'Some are more easily susceptive of Religion in a grave Discourse and sedate Reasoning.
Walker added: "Employees are sometimes seen as the weak link with individuals susceptive to phishing emails - where spoof emails are sent out in an attempt to gain passwords or confidential information, downloading viruses and transferring files to unauthorised personal devices."
21-22) Although time may legitimately be considered a fourth "dimension," unlike the other three it is a continuing process that is not composed of discrete pieces and is thus not susceptive to calculation by division, that is, to digitization.
"Battery systems are less susceptive to aging if you do smaller, more frequent charges than big ones," he says.
The potential reasons can be as follows: firstly, the increased amount of water vapor would be assembled on the fiber as temperature growing, which would reduce the extraction efficiency; secondly, the different molecular weight of odorants was deemed to be inconsistently susceptive to fiber [37]; thirdly, this can be understood by the partition coefficient between the fiber and analytes.
When the public are in great need for information to fill the gap between their anxiety and the lack of information from normal media channels, they are likely to be susceptive to any information; hence, the rumor is accepted to serve this purpose, and then most people are very interested in the rumor about crisis as they would not distinguish uncertain information from right and wrong as their interest is an important factor for deciding whether to spread rumor or not.
Second, having more variables also means that the index is more susceptive to changes in newer censuses, increasing the chance of not having identical variables to replicate the index.