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LAHORE -- A judicial magistrate on Monday sent three suspects to jail on judicial remand in a case of hurling a shoe at former prime minister Nawaz Sharif during a ceremony at Jamia Naeemia, Garhi Shahu.
The spot report indicated the suspects are facing charges in violation of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Drugs Act.
The third suspect was arrested in Al Warqa, while the fifth suspect was arrested in Oud Al Muteena on the same day.
KARACHI -- At least four suspects were killed in a shootout with police and two others arrested on Monday in multiple operations conducted by police in Karachi.
Investigations also revealed that a second suspect had smuggled explosives from Iraq aboard the same bus and that a third suspect had also smuggled explosives in coordination with the fifth suspect and had received explosives that had been smuggled from the fourth suspect.
21) Electronic recordings of suspect confessions help enhance an officer's credibility in several ways.
Is the suspect an employee at will, or is there a valid employee agreement?
The suspect escaped after he jumped from the second story landing to the roof of an adjacent building, and then jumped over a fence behind that property.
In using the techniques outlined above, an important issue to consider is that the investigation on the suspect system (even when using trusted binaries from a CDROM) changes almost every file's last accessed time.
The best lie catchers noted that the suspect spoke much more slowly and with more pauses between words during lies.