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The police recovered two sachets of suspected crystal meth and a 9mm Armscor pistol loaded with four live ammunitions from the suspects.
Are there changes in the suspected employee's lifestyle?
A deputy sheriff with the Otero County Sheriff's Department was killed on December 18 after responding to a call of shots fired in a suspected domestic incident.
It's the distrust in what administrators are looking at that cause them to continue to delve deeper into the suspected system trying to find anything that will be conclusive; but the trust issue is there, preventing conclusive findings.
White, (27) an undercover officer and an informant arrived at an apartment to purchase illegal drugs from suspected drug traffickers.
embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, Wright and Vincent, as part of a terrorism task force, began building a case against suspected terrorists in Chicago.
Joseph Macatangay, Jala-Jala police chief, said investigators have information on the group's suspected leader, although he declined to divulge any detail as follow up operations continue.
deputies spotted a man suspected of leaving the scene of a fatal crash that had just occurred at 47th Street East and Route 8 in Palmdale in which a man died, said Deputy Tanya Plunkett of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
To close the circle of suspicion, Holmes will interview those involved in the suspected fraud.
The Collingswood Police Department clearly understood that a police officer has the authority, at all times, to attempt to stop any individual suspected of committing any criminal offense, violation, or traffic infraction.
Of the 12 officers slain during arrest situations in 2000, 2 officers were killed by burglary suspects, 2 by robbery suspects, 3 by suspects during drug-related situations, and 5 by assailants suspected of other crimes.
SUBIC -- Two more suspected drug pushers were killed in a shoot-out with local policemen during a Saturday drug operation, where an unidentified man was first killed, police said.