suspend charges

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The Labour deputy leader claimed a deal to suspend charges or abolish Irish Water as a utility would throw Ireland back to the 19th century.
In Alnwick and Berwick, the decision to suspend charges, while continuing to enforce time limits in car parks, is said to have caused widespread confusion among motorists, with many getting tickets from wardens for staying too long.
Carmarthenshire is the latest council to suspend charges - from 10am daily at the Llanelli multi-storey for a year, during town centre regeneration works.
"We believe the AP news report has value for you in these new projects, but until these new businesses take shape, the board and management believe that it is best to suspend charges while we all advance toward a more certain vision of the shape of this new business," he said.
Fine Gael wants the hated utility to remain but Fianna Fail wants to suspend charges for five years and re-model the company.