suspend work

See: strike
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US oil major Exxon Mobil has had to suspend work on offshore exploration in the Arctic with Russian oil producer Rosneft and Royal Dutch Shell has suspended development of hard-to-recover oil in Russia's Bazhenov formation with Gazprom Neft.
Local authorities have ordered all coal mines in the county to suspend work and carry out safety inspections.
Several construction companies will suspend work on their projects this Ramadan owing to labor policies which do not permit working for more than four hours a day after breaking of the fast and in view of the long duration of fasts of more than 15 hours a day this year in unusually hot weather conditions.
Air traffic controllers said on Sunday they would suspend work between 11 am and 1 pm (0800 GMT to 1000 GMT) on Tuesday in protest at the repeated delays to raising their pay.
The management of the 16 underground coal and ore mines must keep a close watch on any sagging, landslides, changes in the lay of the surface above mines and to suspend work in the risky areas.
The consortium threatened to suspend work due to financial problems caused by the overrun, conceding a period of three weeks for the ACP to comply with its demands.
MORE than 130 traders at one of Bahrain's biggest markets will not be moved out following a court decision to suspend work on a project to revamp the facility.
BUNER -- The contractors association threatened to suspend work in the district if the government failed to make the process of approving bills on work done easy within a month.
They had to suspend work for a month but were then allowed to re-open, operating under conditional approval in March.
The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association had also asked the factories to suspend work starting Wednesday morning, hours before the collapse.
More than half of British businesses are being left with no alternative but to suspend work and services in order to protect their cash flows against the continued threat of late payment, research shows.
Summary: Electricite du Liban workers will stage sit-ins and suspend work on April 10 and 11 to protest the annulment of basic articles in the company's new budget.