suspended animation

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A safe way to induce torpor in humans is also the dream of people with interstellar aspirations: People would be able to travel much farther in space in a suspended animation state.
"Members retain voting right even if the assembly is in suspended animation," official sources with knowledge of the subject told HT.
It came as the Beeb confirmed two other scenes in the hit show were staged - one showing a caterpillar in suspended animation and one of a snowflake forming.
Call the election and get the country moving again - not out of the snow but out of this suspended animation.
Interestingly, Klich chose a method of preserving the collection that is essentially "the closest thing to putting microbes into suspended animation," she says.
Funding and technical expertise flora the Millennium Seed Bank has enabled its NSW partner to collect wild seed and develop the technology to hold seeds in suspended animation for centuries.
He sets out on a series of experiments with mice and rats but visits the women in their yogurt-filled tubes fascinated by how they look in suspended animation.
The site is still in a state of suspended animation, shutting down one more slice of the already constricted credit market.
The character was later reintroduced as part of the Avengers, with his absence explained by a period of suspended animation from which he was awakened by the superteam.
Summary: The election of Barack Obama as America's first black president has instantly thrown decades of assumptions about that country and how it will behave into a state of suspended animation. Not for the first time, the Western world's original revolutionary republic has decided to reinvent itself during an era of crisis.
Set in the future, it raises issues of biomedical ethics, suspended animation and the enduring human spirit.