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The Indian government suspended payments to AgustaWestland, but payments of more than 40% of the sum had already been made.
officials could negotiate an agreement on the suspended payments and that such an agreement could push back the Feb.
India suspended payments in February after allegations that AgustaWestland paid bribes to win the contract.
The ambassador said that Bosnia and Herzegovina was already now under some sort of self-imposed sanctions over its failure to implement reforms, as a result of which the EU has suspended payments from its pre-accession funds.
The insurers reviewed the issue after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts suspended payments to its board, at least through this year, as it considers changing its legal structure.
Yesterday, Visa suspended payments to WikiLeaks pending an inquiry into how the organisation operate.
For the past five years, the municipalities of San Pedro and San Marcos have their own electric-energy-distribution company, a model that that those who have suspended payments seek to follow.
The bank said that it had suspended payments to some bondholders and added that it is waiting for approval for its planned restructuring and a further government handout.
So far, the government has approved subsidies for families and business owners, and suspended payments on mortgages and loans until the end of the year.
The arbitration panel ruled to reinstate the penalty and have the Port Authority reimburse Silverstein retroactively from the date the authority suspended payments on October 5th.
TENNIS: Online bookmaker Betfair has suspended payments on a tennis match due to irregular betting patterns.