suspension of activity

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On April 15, 2019, the court issued a decision on bringing Mian LLC to administrative responsibility in the form of administrative suspension of activity for a period of 20 days.
The reactivation of our diplomatic mission in Tunisia fourteen years after the suspension of activity will certainly help think about medium and long term partnership projects, she added.
The Ministry of Energy explained this decline in production by several factors including the suspension of activity for technical reasons and protests, said the same source.
Yet one more amendment punishes by a jail term of one to six months and a fine of KD 500 to KD 2,000 any private sector business that ignores official orders of closure or suspension of activity. Having endorsed the amendments, the National Assembly turned over the new law with the added amendments to the government for its perusal.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party proposes that the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund start repaying deposits of up to EUR100 000 two months after the suspension of activity of a bank.
The decline is mostly related to the suspension of activity at Karpatneftekhim's complex.
Since the outbreak of anti-regime protests last year, the state was plunged into a severe economic crisis which led to the rising cost of oil derivatives, constant power outages and a suspension of activity at factories and workshops.
The market opened strong, with the broader EGX100 hitting its 5 percent "circuit breaker" within the first 15 minutes of trading, and prompting a 30 minute suspension of activity for the fourth consecutive session.
a) suspension of activity. Cambridge Dictionary--Moratorium: noun [C] plural, moratoriums or moratoria
Despite a brief suspension of activity during World War II and subsequent reactivation in 1946, the Military Affiliate Radio System, as it is now named, has grown tremendously.
"Malpractice will result in fines or even suspension of activity."
A slightly truncated programme of racing has been staged since an initial seven-day suspension of activity when the foot-and-mouth outbreak first started, with numerous precautions put in place in accordance with guidelines by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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