suspension of business

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It claimed that suspension of business activities would create a law and order problem in the area and cause difficulties in carrying out the auction process.
With respect to the training expenses as extra expense for these new employees, the coverage form provides for extra expenses that are necessary to avoid or minimize the suspension of business and to continue operations.
The bill also provides that the employer shall be liable along with the payroll master for failure to pay wages without any justifiable reason and the employer shall be imposed a fine of P500,000 and a suspension of business operations for 30 days for the first offense.
6 If Firm Fails To Pay Security Deposit As Demanded By Railways, The Firms Offer Will Be Ignored And Suitable Administrative Action Including Suspension Of Business Dealing With The Firm Will Be Taken Against Firm Treating This As Adverse Performance.
It would impose penalties on insurers, including suspension of business, punishment of senior management and revoking of licenses for violation of rules related to asset investment.
But Eric Cioppa, the Maine insurance superintendent, did not talk about any suspension of business in Maine in 2017 in his version of the New Hampshire market withdrawal announcement, which was released Thursday, and he appears to be open to the idea that the company offer 2017 coverage in Maine.
ISLAMABAD -- Public property worth more than Rs 170 million has been damaged by protestors since their sit-in at D-Chowk Islamabad three days ago, besides suspension of business activities and transport in the Federal Capital.
Two priority projects: Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) identifies and prosecutes tax evaders and violators of National Internal Revenue Code, and Oplan Kandado, strengthens the BIR's administrative sanctions such as suspension of business operations and temporary closure of non-compliant taxpayers.
Seoul: August 29 -- (BNA)--North Korea agreed today (Thursday, August 29) to a proposal put forth by its neighbor -- South Korea - to hold the first-of-its-kind joint committee meeting next week regarding overseeing the borderline Kaesong Industrial Complex in order to avoid a suspension of business in Kaesong Complex.
Leibell (R-C, Dutchess) was drafted, he said, in response to recent insolvencies and suspension of business on the New York Insurance Exchange.
The suspension of business followed the recent earthquake in Japan.
He also called for the taxing of imported vehicles and the suspension of business tax.

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