suspension of disbelief

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Sadly, the suspension of disbelief may continue until the final curtains, but by then the damage to the nation may be more than anyone can bear.
THE suspension of disbelief is a useful asset while watching many TV programmes; otherwise we'd spend our viewing lives sneering at the likes of Doctor Who and positively creased up at Lost.
There were evocative costumes by Deborah Trout and Susan Benson's elegant sets, originally designed for the Banff Centre in 1990, did not appear dated, although the minimal sets in the opera's final scene stretched suspension of disbelief to breaking point.
Life is Hard is an almost romantic number; with some willing suspension of disbelief, of course.
Quinlan, too, exploits our willing suspension of disbelief to explore the limits of the medium, while making a convincing case for the value of ambiguity.
The idea that an organisation that for years resisted every sort of pressure - including the relentless assault of the US-backed Colombian military - was, in the end, tricked into giving up its most prized assets, does require some suspension of disbelief.
An initial suspension of disbelief will allow for the pieces to fit and form a larger picture as the plot develops to a satisfying conclusion.
Clinton's argument last September that accepting that the surge had made progress ''would require a willing suspension of disbelief.
It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to deny Iran supports al-Qaeda in Iraq.
This requires a pretty fair suspension of disbelief.
As one might imagine, this is a story that requires a complete suspension of disbelief.
Like any thriller, suspension of disbelief will enhance the ride.

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