suspension of hostilities

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A suspension of hostilities against a sentenced assassin,
The Mughal commanders ordered a suspension of hostilities.
At times when they break the truce, it is also to gain advantage over the AFP units or personnel who may be caught unprepared because of their belief that no harm will happen to them because there is a truce or suspension of hostilities.
28, the day the rebels declared a suspension of hostilities.
Following Thursday's  ceasefire announcement by Kerry and Lavrov, there was little expectation among commentators that violence would stop: Two days after he revealed details of the temporary suspension of hostilities, Lavrov told reporters there was only a 49 percent chance of it succeeding.
207) Nevertheless, the mere signing of a ceasefire agreement would not trigger the obligation to release, unless circumstances indicated the termination, and not only the suspension of hostilities.
Boxing Day also used to be included in the mid-tournament suspension of hostilities, but this year PDC chiefs have elected to resume on the 26th.
The UN last week designated the war in Yemen as a Level 3 humanitarian crisis, its most severe category, and the US and the EU have endorsed calls for a humanitarian suspension of hostilities.
Hamas later detained those responsible for the firing, Israel security sources said on Wednesday morning, indicating the group's willingness to maintain the suspension of hostilities.
Tuesday, the Swiss presidency chairing the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe urged a suspension of hostilities for that election to take place.
While we welcome the suspension of hostilities last week, we are conscious of the continuing tense situation in Gaza.
PARIS, Nov 22 (KUNA) -- French authorities on Wednesday welcomed the declaration of a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, announced earlier in the evening, and praised the role of Egypt in helping broker the suspension of hostilities.

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