suspension of work

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Meanwhile, the Palace left the suspension of work for private companies, offices, and schools to the discretion of their respective heads.
The lack of consensus regarding the methodology led the Chair of the Session, Deputy Reis Jnior, to note a 15-minute interval for the 1st, 4th and 5th Specialized Work Committees to reach a common denominator, which culminated in the suspension of work. The discussion of the Municipal Legislative Package aims to implement the Local Authorities, scheduled for the year 2020.
She indicated that Botswana was up to date with payments, adding that the two ministers established direct contact with the contractor to avoid any delays, extra costs and further suspension of work. The bridge, which is package one of the project, is funded 50/50 by the governments of the two countries, while in package two and three the two governments each partnered with other funders such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and African Development Bank (AfDB).
'We are hopeful that the suspension of work is only temporary,' the company said, adding that it would cooperate with the government while the project is under review.
PESHAWAR -- District Nazim, Peshawar Mohammad Asim Khan has directed suspension of work on construction work before prior approval of their maps and issuance of maps to all those who are fulfilling rules and regulations.
UNION representatives have met company bosses to discuss the "devastating" suspension of work on a major renewable energy plant.
NNA - Grain silos' employees and workers syndicate in Lebanon voiced on Wednesday solidarity with Beirut port employees and workers' syndicate, announcing strike and suspension of work on Wednesday and Thursday.
The ministry will warn the errant companies and their partners to either implement the court order in the grace period or risk the suspension of work permits of their other companies as well.
This in turn will lead to suspension of work in the days when the river reaches critical levels, Minister Papazov told Bulgarian National Radio.
Summary: Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk called Monday for the immediate suspension of work in all illegal stone and sand quarries and urged action to be taken, including sealing the areas with wax, in a letter to Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk.
The licensing commission recommended suspension of work at the mine until special decision.
Meanwhile, security personnel at the general directorate of aviation security at the airport issued a statement announcing partial suspension of work besides handing over airport's custody to the airport director.

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