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Early division of tracheal suspensory ligament attachments with or without mobilization of the smaller lobe greatly increases the extent of superior traction on the substernal component, thereby facilitating delivery of the substernal pole through the thoracic inlet and identification of the recurrent laryngeal nerves.
The suspensory ligament of the foreleg is a very strong, flat ligament running from the back of the knee and upper end of the cannon bone down the back of the leg in a groove between the splint bones.
Mills had harboured Derby aspirations for his pounds 100,000 recruit, but a suspensory ligament injury put paid to that.
The gelding had been off the track since May 2004 before then with a suspensory ligament problem and was a 25-1 chance for the Festival.
Alan Jarvis's eight-year-old gelding missed the entire 2004 season after straining a suspensory ligament, but his trainer reports him to be back in top form.
Eamonn Sheehy said: "He did a suspensory ligament two years ago and it looks as if he's done it again.
There is a surgical procedure during which an incision is made at the base of the penis to cut the suspensory ligament, thereby causing the penis to "drop a bit.
The udder structure was similar with a good medial suspensory ligament, good teat placement and good hand milking size.
Trainers have blamed the shoe restrictions for recent injuries, which include the suspensory ligament injury that has knocked Sahadi's Rainbow Dancer out of the Breeders' Cup Turf.
THE sesamoid bone sits at the back of the fetlock joint and anchors the suspensory ligament, thus allowing a horse's foot and fetlock to move properly.
But a shellshocked Mullins reported yesterday: "We had given him a nice easy time after Leopardstown and since we started back there was a little bit of soreness in his suspensory ligament.