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The apprehension of something without proof to verify the belief.

Suspicion implies a belief or opinion based upon facts or circumstances that do not constitute proof.


(Mistrust), noun apprehension, cynicism, disbelief, distrust, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, fear, fearfulness, incredulity, lack of faith, lack of trust, misdoubt, misgiving, qualm, skepticism, suspicio, trepidation, unbelief
Associated concepts: suspicious circumstances, suspicious origin
Foreign phrases: Dona clandestina sunt semper suspiiiosa.Clandestine gifts are always open to suspicion.


(Uncertainty), noun chance, conjecture, doubtfulness, guess, hint, impression, incertitude, inference, inkling, insecurity, intimation, notion, postulate, postulation, question, speculation, suggestion, supposition, surmise, trace, unsureness
See also: apprehension, belief, conjecture, fear, idea, incredulity, inference, opinion, qualm, speculation, suggestion, supposition

SUSPICION. A belief to the disadvantage of another, accompanied by a doubt.
     2. Without proof, suspicion, of itself, is evidence of nothing. When a crime has been committed, an arrest may be made when, 1st. There are such circumstances as induce a strong presumption of guilt; as being found in possession of goods recently stolen, without giving a probable account of having obtained the possession honestly. 2d. The absconding of the party accused. 3d. Being found in company of known offenders. 4th. Living an idle disorderly life, without any apparent means of support. In such cases the arrest must be made as in other cases. Vide 20 Vin. Ab. 150; 4 Bl. Com. 290.

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133) In Prouse, the Supreme Court used a similar rationale when it held that roving suspicionless stops were unconstitutional.
For example, in both Acton and Von Raab, the Court seemed to give significant weight to the fact that the suspicionless drug testing protocols prohibited positive tests from being divulged to law enforcement.
Because, as explained earlier, panvasive searches and seizures are policy-driven, group-based, and suspicionless, they are legislative in nature.
108) Tellingly, many also wrongly believed that the law prohibits suspicionless searches at the border.
See Nance, Random, Suspicionless Searches, supra note 85, at 380-87, 391-94, for an extended analysis of these cases.
since school surveillance is more like the suspicionless drug testing in Acton than it is the suspicion-based search in T.
Since precedent has both permitted and prohibited suspicionless evidence-gathering searches incident to arrest, (180) how he would interpret "reasonable to believe" is anyone's guess.
207) When balancing the privacy interests of an innocent individual against the government's interests in solving other crimes, privacy should always trump warrantless and suspicionless searches and seizures.
California (20) Applying the totality-of-the-circumstances test, the Court held that, despite significant opposition, parolees have severely limited expectations of privacy; therefore, they can be subject to a suspicionless search as a condition of their parole.
It does merit attention that the Court has come infinitely close to addressing the precise issue of suspicionless pat-frisks during consensual encounters with citizens on the street, but it did so in the context of car stops, which have always been treated differently than stops on the street.
The source of this pernicious harm is the fact that sustained suspicionless searches of DNA databases are "both visible (in that the subjects know they might be watched) and unverifiable (in that they do not know when they are being watched).
They argued that because only one percent of nonviolent offenders are later arrested on murder or rape charges, routine, suspicionless DNA testing did not serve a government interest in public safety.