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Suspicious person/motor vehicle, spoken to, 507 Boston Turnpike
The second-quarter 2013 CoreLogic suspicious short-sale analysis update found that the suspicious rate for single-family short sales remains high at approximately 3.
David's stepfather is murdered under suspicious circumstances and David becomes a credible suspect.
Security incidents leave some travelers suspicious.
Insurers are required to report suspicious transactions totaling at least $5,000 and involving a covered product.
Reports required of MSBs usually fall into two categories: currency transaction reports and suspicious activity reports.
FinCEN and the Federal Reserve Board based their assessment on the failure of the banking organization to establish an adequate anti-money-laundering program and the failure to file accurate, complete, and timely Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).
By using computers programmed to recognize suspicious mammograms, doctor can find breast cancers that would otherwise escape diagnosis, say radiologists who are among the minority in their profession currently using the technique.
Operation TIPS "will be a nationwide program giving millions of American truckers, letter carriers, train conductors, ship captains, utility employees, and others a formal way to report suspicious terrorist activity," says the citizencorps.
An outbreak might be suspicious because epidemiologic features suggest an unnatural origin.