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To carry on; to maintain. To affirm, uphold or approve, as when an appellate court sustains the decision of a lower court. To grant, as when a judge sustains an objection to testimony or evidence, he or she agrees with the objection and gives it effect.

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v. in trial practice, for a judge to agree that a question asked of a witness is objectionable. Thus, an attorney asks the witness a question, and the opposing lawyer objects, saying the question is "irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent," "leading," "argumentative," or some other objection. If the judge agrees he/she will rule "sustained," meaning the objection is sustained (approved) and the question cannot be asked or answered. However, if the judge finds the question proper, he/she will "over-rule" the objection.

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* Improving access to data on safety and health for sustainability reporting.
Professor Michael Porter from Harvard Business School teaches that environmental and sustainability regulations actually can initiate innovation cycles, pushing companies to increase their resource efficiency and resiliency.
Considering the considerable relevance of business companies for sustainable advancement, the notion of corporate sustainability is a concretization of the pattern of sustainable advancement for the framework of business companies.
Addressing the challenge of mainstreaming sustainability in Indian Industry, Jury Member Gauri Singh added, "The sustainability space is growing rapidly in India and it needs to be encouraged.
Sue Allchurch, chief of Participant Engagement of the Global Compact Office in New York, said business leaders and other stakeholders of sustainability development are aligning their vision in support of creating the biggest impact on SDGs.
A few weeks ago, Travelers' competitor American International Group (AIG) ( created a position of chief sustainability officer and appointed Jennifer Waldner to fill the role.
She will lead a cross-functional team to drive global sustainability initiatives while influencing and mobilizing the execution of AIG's sustainability strategy across the organization.
The sustainability requirements are described in the Volkswagen Group's new "Code of Conduct for Business Partners", which is binding for all companies in the supply chain.
By aligning with the 7 Pillars(institutional, cultural, operational and environmental, economic, social, financial), the cement giant ensures that every aspect of its business is run in line with global sustainability principles; thereby embedding sustainability - beyond issues of risk management and compliance - in its day-to-day business operations.
Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said, "We are proud to demonstrate continued leadership and innovation across finance and sustainability, proactively refinancing our bank debt facilities by way of a market-leading Sustainability Linked Loan.
The study, which sheds light on the practices of sustainability and corporate responsibility management in the region, found that the UAE has the highest number of respondents claiming that they have a holistic sustainability strategy, with 64 per cent of respondents being based in the UAE.

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