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This report provides a list of regulations relevant to sustainable packaging at the regional level.
In addition to the central forum, workshops covered: financial schemes and innovative tools for sustainable SME finance; strategies to attract investment to sustainable rural SME finance; opportunities for microfinance institutions and local banks to invest in sustainable SMEs; and FAST Financial Fairs and capacity building for sustainable SMEs.
Prof Marsden has warned against making investment in sustainable solutionsafocusfor the cuts.
Dozens of schools will take part in workshops delivered by sustainable school 'beacons' from County Durham and Sunderland and will learn how organisations around the North East can support schools to become sustainable.
That 26% of respondents say they buy sustainable fish in 2009 shows a rise in sustainable fish consumption.
The workshop, held in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, focused on sustainable forest practices, erosion control, reforestation, fire management, and protected area designations.
David Rousseau, a senior associate of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities and the principal of Archemy Consulting, says China is making progress.
As a senior vice president and director of design at MKDA, a space planning and interior architecture firm that creates office space for businesses and landlords, I have given much thought to the topic of sustainable design.
Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District, the site provides a searchable database for online construction materials and makes available other tools for sustainable buildings, such as tips on methods to promote energy efficiency, improve air quality, reduce water consumption and implement sustainable operation practices.
0 our users have the key elements necessary for designing today's sustainable buildings.
The forum is an innovative way to ensure that companies and individuals who buy and sell seafood are doing so in a sustainable manner.
The Kennedy Commons Sustainable Demonstrations Building is a 7,500-square-foot residential support environment that houses a multipurpose room, a small kitchen, a lounge, a den, offices, and two classrooms.

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