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Editors Zhu and Ouadha present readers with a collection of academic and professional perspectives on contemporary and emerging trends in sustainable development in a variety of global contexts as taken from the proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Development held in Wuhan, China.
Prof Dr Tariq Banuri, Department of City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah, is an expert on sustainable development policy will deliver the lecture while Federal Minister for Climate Change will chair the session.
Various sustainable manufacturing practices have diverse effect towards organization performance.
The adoption of policies aimed at moving towards an "inclusive green economy" as a means to achieving sustainable development in the EU and globally.
In addition to the central forum, workshops covered: financial schemes and innovative tools for sustainable SME finance; strategies to attract investment to sustainable rural SME finance; opportunities for microfinance institutions and local banks to invest in sustainable SMEs; and FAST Financial Fairs and capacity building for sustainable SMEs.
Dozens of schools will take part in workshops delivered by sustainable school 'beacons' from County Durham and Sunderland and will learn how organisations around the North East can support schools to become sustainable.
In 2003, the UK government introduced the Sustainable Communities Plan, describing a vision of how the communities are to be developed over the next 20 years.
The workshop, held in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, focused on sustainable forest practices, erosion control, reforestation, fire management, and protected area designations.
David Rousseau, a senior associate of the International Centre for Sustainable Cities and the principal of Archemy Consulting, says China is making progress.
Sustainable design--also referred to as "green design"--is just one movement that aims to change that custom through projects and developments that substitute less harmful products and processes for conventional ones.
Louis businesses and organizations committed to promoting construction materials recycling and sustainable building practices, has launched a Web site, www.

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