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Their topics include aspects of sustained learning, practices supporting sustained learning, how to assess sustained learning, shaping the sustained learning agenda, and the impact of generational group differences and financial aid on a learner's sustained learning.
Also on Monday, a motorcycle driver sustained moderate injuries after crashing into a car at around 12pm at the Al Mulla Plaza intersection.
6 : to allow or uphold as true, legal, or fair <The judge sustained the motion to dismiss the case.
A primary question guiding this programmatic study was and continues to be as follows: How does participation in opportunities for sustained action research, collaborative learning, and dialogue within a sustained community of inquirers impact reciprocity in teacher thinking within problem spaces related to teacher leadership?
SAN FRANCISCO -- Patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis who had a sustained response to interferon monotherapy were less likely to develop hepatocellular carcinoma or die of liver-related causes than were patients without a sustained response in a large Italian study, Dr.
I am not going to discuss the politics or debate the merits of the many deployments we and our NATO partners have engaged in around the globe since 1989, but I would like to say that we have transformed how Soldiers, equipment and supplies are deployed and sustained around the globe each and every day.
2], but the pathogen is sustained because of frequent between-species transmission from the disease-endemic host.
Data throughput is typically stated in terms of MB/s, and measures the maximum sustained data rate.
The exposure draft adopts the most conservative approach, by requiring that each tax position be evaluated as to its likelihood of being sustained.
As important, the threshold determination undergirding the proposed Interpretation--that tax positions should not be recognized unless they are "probable" (as defined in the proposed Interpretation) of being sustained on audit based solely on the technical merits of the position--is at odds with pragmatic, prudent tax judgments that financial statements should reflect.
This approach allows change to be planned, implemented and sustained.

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