sustained action

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Sustained action, rather than token one-day strikes, would be required.
The left-arm spinner can only hope the weather relents to allow him some sustained action in the championship match with Middlesex at Lord's starting on Wednesday.
However it will take sustained action from government in Westminster and Cardiff Bay to create improved economic circumstances to support the Welsh dairy industry.
TENELIAA, with its potent and sustained action, has been proven highly effective in lowering the postprandial blood glucose levels, as well as fasting blood glucose levels, through once-a-day administration.
How is this providing the radical and sustained action that people in these communities were promised?
It is important to appreciate, however, that smoking is an inequalities issue and that to reduce the prevalence of smoking among the socially excluded will need concerted and sustained action.
fierro sustained action equivalent to 110 mg of elemental iron in blister pack packaging vidual resistant seal that ensures maturity exceeding 18 months from the date of dispatch
He also needs to take urgent and sustained action to end the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, which is increasing the suffering of one and a half million people, and find new directions in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Only through a continued and sustained action will changes come about.
Liam Ridgewell and Luke Moore have also seen sustained action this term.
Recent policy changes gave begun to reverse this trend but sustained action will be required for years to come before the scar on our economic and social landscape is removed.

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