sustained action

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But the question still remains, 'who will bell the cat.'If the current and future generations are to be protected from drug addiction then across-the-board strict and sustained action has to be taken against drug barons and peddlers.
We recognize that it will take sustained action on our part to regain the trust of our customers and stakeholders.
However, owing to the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism and sustained action against the terrorists by the security forces, a large number of terrorists have been neutralized during the past few years."
'So, Nigeria needs immediate and sustained action on renewable electricity less carbon emission both to reduce the vulnerability to climate change and international economic fluctuations' he pointed out.
Let's make this month's observance the beginning of a more sustained action to save the ocean.
However, by understanding burnout and incorporating strategies, physician leaders can help their organizations move to deliberate, meaningful and sustained action to address this critical issue.
Our intention is to continue sustained action that will lead toward healing and an appreciation of our diversity within our local community.
"Businesses need to assess their current policies and produce affirmative action and enforcement measures to ensure sustained action and progression."
But the official indicated that Washington does not believe the crackdown has been sufficient."I think we will need to see irreversible sustained action.
While welcoming the improvements in some areas in respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Sri Lanka, the EU urges the Government of Sri Lanka to take immediate and sustained action to implement its commitments and institute a durable reconciliation process, including through building confidence by completing the return of occupied land, replacing the PTA and advancing the identified transitional justice mechanisms.
Let it be the new and happy story of how we all got together one morning - shoulder-to-shoulder in the spirit of bayanihan - to take this walk for strong, serious and sustained action.
Political and practical actions are needed to reduce the causes of climate change and to build resilience against climate variability and extremes.Achieving zero hunger by 2030 is possible but requires sustained action at individual, community, national and global level.

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