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This training is needed so that CSD sustainers can support airborne operations in which paratroopers may land in water or where a water jump is planned for the JCSE.
Unless you can provide your donors and prospects with the reason why this sustainer program must exist, your communications might as well be in a foreign language your donors don't understand.
This is a "win-win-lose" situation for the sustainer, the Army, and any future adversary, respectively.
Partners for Parks, a monthly sustainer program of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), had enjoyed modest success, generating about $100,000 in annual revenue with a constant file size of 650 to 750 members for several years.
Pledge donors of $500 a year, for example, are limited to a certain mindset and are not sustainer potential.
During the first engagement with all logisticians within the multinational BCT, the senior sustainer must determine how each nation will contribute to the major elements of sustainment.
Touted for its ability to provide an organization with a constant stream of income, the sustainer program--i.
Victim was a security guard in a private company and was the single sustainer of his family.
There is no excuse for defiling the environment, the sustainer of all life, with pollutants that can cause harm to personal as well as community health.
And like the UCS, the CLF had a dramatic rise in monthly sustainer donors.
This fall, we launched our new Sustainer Program, which allows members to become sustainers by making a personal investment in peace and supporting WILPF US with small, regular monthly contributions.

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