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The combatant command headquarters orders participants and reporting requirements, which range from sustainers at the corps and division levels to the sustainment enterprise agencies.
The sustainer's reliance on outside units for major force protection measures was the next challenge identified during the 13th ESC CPX-F and WFX 17-3.
Sustainers also do their work, but wait for a supervisor or manager--someone with power--to recognize their contributions.
Getting back to the basics and conducting LRPs enables communication, creates a clear common operational picture, and enables sustainers to conduct physical "hands-and eyes-on" inspections to see what units actually have on hand.
Sustainer members are traditionally cultivated from the pre-existing donor base.
Led by senior sustainers, these organizations set priorities, review and publish policy, provide guidance and direction, and advance the art and science of the Army's sustainment strategy.
It also boasted of having more than 6,000 "sustainers," or monthly recurring donors who cover all expenses of field operations.
Planned giving newsletters are mailed to members and sustainers who are some of the Defenders' best planned giving prospects, Kirchoff said.
Sustainers must see requirements, especially repair parts, in real time on a shared data network.
Institutional professional development requires talented leaders to facilitate a world-class learning experience at the Army's learning institution for sustainers.
If only half of those new sustainers remained in the program, it would translate into more than $1.2 million since 2006, he said.
Joint and Army sustainers were involved in operational planning, exercise assessment, and game and information systems analysis.