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ONS Sustaining Member: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center--Booth 510
Security assistance in environments like Afghanistan requires that combat capabilities and their sustaining institutions be in place even as their underlying structures, support, and policies evolve.
The importance of shared purpose and strong social ties in sustaining online community agrees with much of what has been published by others about the characteristics of online communities (Desanctis et al, 2003, Hall & Graham, 2004, Leimeister & Sidiras, 2004).
The TAPPI Buyer's Guide instantly links the people of the pulp, paper, and converting industry with the valuable products and services of TAPPI's Sustaining Member Companies.
The authors point out, "Incumbent firms master sustaining innovations because their values prioritize them, and their processes and resources are designed to tackle precisely those types of innovations.
These rights to use sustaining technology are reimbursed at the same rate whether generated by the board-certified physician or the physician assistant.
Sustaining engineering support is provided by Product Support Division employees in Seattle and Oklahoma City.
The idea of sustaining competitive advantage during times of uncertainty has become a topic of academic investigation.
ONS Lifetime Sustaining Member: Abraxis BioScience--Booth 1531/1533
He said the department's ongoing transformation effort includes, in addition to new technology and business practices, a commitment to sustaining, restoring, and modernizing its installation assets and services.
In the most comprehensive change to the TAPPI Sustaining Member program since its inception more than 75 years ago, the TAPPI Board of Directors has approved a new flexible benefits plan for TAPPI Sustaining Members.
Some restructuring of medical education to include a deeper understanding of population health and medicine and of sociologic, philosophic, and economic aspects of medicine and health care, while sustaining a solid base of scientific knowledge and encouraging better understanding of the scientific method and approach.

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