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All of the elements in the previous two paragraphs are totaled to arrive at "all-in sustaining costs.
ONS Lifetime Sustaining Member: Novartis Oncology--Booth 720
The lack of comments regarding usability features in MERLOT may indicate the importance of design principles in building and sustaining online communities.
The sustaining therapeutic technologies--think of statins for treating lipid disorders, computer modeling for providing precise dosimetry in radiation oncology, SSRI (seratonin re-uptake inhibitors) for depression, chemotherapy tailored to the biology of the cancer or even two-lead biventricular cardiac pacemakers for heart failure.
ONS Strategic Sponsor and Lifetime Sustaining Member: Amgen--Booth 1001/1003
According to Mike Wallace, TAPPI President, "We're pleased to announce this new program for our Sustaining Members.
ONS Sustaining Member: Elsevier Oncology--Booth 459/461

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