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To carry on; to maintain. To affirm, uphold or approve, as when an appellate court sustains the decision of a lower court. To grant, as when a judge sustains an objection to testimony or evidence, he or she agrees with the objection and gives it effect.

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v. in trial practice, for a judge to agree that a question asked of a witness is objectionable. Thus, an attorney asks the witness a question, and the opposing lawyer objects, saying the question is "irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent," "leading," "argumentative," or some other objection. If the judge agrees he/she will rule "sustained," meaning the objection is sustained (approved) and the question cannot be asked or answered. However, if the judge finds the question proper, he/she will "over-rule" the objection.

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'Building peace is hard work; sustaining it is, often, harder still,' the Pakistani envoy said.
Sustaining Partners empower NAMA to welcome experts on topics like consumer food trends, sustainability and content and digital marketing to educate students and ag professionals.
ONS Sustaining Member: Bard Access Systems-Booth 1134
Rather than focusing on fielding a complete, coherent design, they need to prioritize their requirements and ensure that operational forces and sustaining institutions--the subsystems of a national security system--develop in phase with one another.
The rooms are still doing the job they were created to do, sustaining DAV service to disabled veterans and their families.
A survey of the MERLOT Editorial Boards was designed by the Teacher Education Editorial Board to investigate the definition of an online community and to identify those elements that assist in building and sustaining such a community.
The authors point out, "Incumbent firms master sustaining innovations because their values prioritize them, and their processes and resources are designed to tackle precisely those types of innovations.
These rights to use sustaining technology are reimbursed at the same rate whether generated by the board-certified physician or the physician assistant.
In Native traditions, the Earth is more a matrix for sustaining life than a living entity like Gaia.
The rhetorical burden of the volume is to negotiate the complex, shifting terrain of wonder, at once explicating the unfamiliar grounds of early-modern experience while sustaining for the modern reader something of its mystifying strangeness.
Specifically, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United States Military Training Mission (USMTM), USCENTCOM's security cooperation organization, has assisted the Saudi Arabian armed forces (SAAF) in developing, training and sustaining capable deterrent and self-defense forces for over forty years.