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The labour costs amount to about P11 million while the material and sustenance costs amount to P253 957 and P3 million respectively.
Devoted to beginning a program for spiritual growth, this chapter provides pragmatic advice for finding the sustenance of spiritual practice in a world where many are disenchanted with, or disenfranchised from, religion.
Imphal (Manipur) [India], June 28 ( ANI ): Setting a unique pathway in developing the rural areas and transforming the lives of people, an NGO in Manipur turned a remote village into a model one for sustenance and economic development through various programmes.
MTM dissects health behavior change into two components: initiation of the behavior change and sustenance or continuation of the health behavior change.
University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) scholars hold an event to mark the inauguration of a food enterprise developed by UAF Food Sciences scholars to fulfill the sustenance needs of the boarding students of the university.
"The so-called 'fixed donations' violate the spirit with which we slowly abolished the arancel system of Church sustenance. It smacks of bad taste and intellectual dishonesty to say that we have no fixed rates for the sacraments and church services on one hand and yet insinuate softly later a certain amount to be 'offered," Villegas said.
According to the mishna, "A father is not obligated to provide his daughter's sustenance," and the Gemara draws the obvious corollary: "It is with regard to providing his daughter's sustenance that he is not obligated, but with regard to providing his son's sustenance, he is obligated." This looks like another glaring example of gender inequality in the Talmud: Sons have a greater claim on their father's resources than daughters.
There are 21 essays divided into five parts: food for thought; consuming culture; crisis; sustenance; sustainability.
More than half of them rely for basic sustenance on vouchers from the World Food Program.
She turns to the practice of foraging for food in the local wilderness and begins to find solace and sustenance in the local flora, fauna, and fungi (see excerpt on page 82).
Relief supplies are pouring in the region but the far-flung villages of the desert district are still waiting for ration supplies and migrating to other areas for sustenance.
Some animals are carnivores deriving their sustenance from the flesh of other animals.