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New Delhi [India], Jan 5 ( ANI ): The Congress on Friday stated that they were in favour of the triple talaq bill, but have rejected it as the current government did not give any clarity over the sustenance of the victims.
Need to cook sustenance at where the place is settled with best foundation?
TNK communications manager Elise Cruse stressed the need for poor families to gain access not just to physical sustenance but spiritual nourishment through the sacraments.
MTM dissects health behavior change into two components: initiation of the behavior change and sustenance or continuation of the health behavior change.
University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) scholars hold an event to mark the inauguration of a food enterprise developed by UAF Food Sciences scholars to fulfill the sustenance needs of the boarding students of the university.
According to the mishna, "A father is not obligated to provide his daughter's sustenance," and the Gemara draws the obvious corollary: "It is with regard to providing his daughter's sustenance that he is not obligated, but with regard to providing his son's sustenance, he is obligated.
More than half of them rely for basic sustenance on vouchers from the World Food Program.
She turns to the practice of foraging for food in the local wilderness and begins to find solace and sustenance in the local flora, fauna, and fungi (see excerpt on page 82).
Some animals are carnivores deriving their sustenance from the flesh of other animals.
It raises funds on behalf of several institutions and help ensure proper sustenance at these centres.
Summary: The UAE Fund for Rehabilitation of Palestinians with Disabilities, financed by the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA), has managed to assist 556 such people to set up sustenance productive projects and help integrate them into the society.
Kohima, July 12 -- Veteran Congress leader and Opposition Congress MLA SI Jamir has not approved the idea of demanding the Center a certain amount of fund as sustenance for the Naga underground people who are in ceasefire with the Government of India as a solution to the underground taxation in the State.