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11175109 and 11075098 and by the Doctoral Sustentation Foundation of Shanxi Datong University (2011-B-03).
Roth propose differents modeles de sustentation alimentaire, incluant les preparation culinaires de la vilica--dont l'importance peut etre cruciale pour assurer une nourriture suffisante au plan quantitatif -, en fonction du nombre de composantes de la famille.
This paper draws on work supported in part by the following funds: National Natural Science Foundation of China under grant number 61002009, Science and Technology Planning Project of Zhejiang Province under grant number 2010C31018, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China under grant number Y1110591, and Shanghai Postdoctoral Sustentation Fund under grant number 11R21414100.
Contract grant sponsor: National Natural Science Foundation of China; contract grant number: 20974076, 50903058; contract grant sponsor: China Postdoctoral Science Foundation; contract grant number: 20080440165; contract grant sponsor: Third Batch of Special Sustentation of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation; contract grant number: 599; contract grant sponsor: Provincial Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu; contract grant number: BK2009124; contract grant sponsor: "Qing Lan Project" (2008) and "333 Talents Project"(2008) of Jiangsu Province.
Of the two major classifications of executive orders, President Bush chose to structure a set of orders designed mainly for the management of administrative affairs--administrative rule changes and adjunctive organizational changes--and not for the making and sustentation of substantive policy--beyond indirectly creating a specialized procurement policy.
The leaf mesophyll is composed by the sustentation tissues of palisade parenchyma (below the epidermis), sponge parenchyma and by silica spicules that also assist in the sustentation (Figure 1b).
where F denotes the thrust, T denotes the node force of z direction, N denotes the sustentation from the base and 0 equals to 41.6 [degrees].
The Holy Jesus Hospital was built in 1682 for the 'maintenance, sustentation and relief' of the retired Freemen of Newcastle and their widows or unmarried dependent children.
Beyond the exposed context, which shows the unavoidable necessity of the enterprises' management to use the strategic management processes, one observes how the efficient use of information is presented to reinforce the importance that the enterprises adopt formal strategies, that provide a sustentation base for taking of decisions, and this way, to strengthen the enterprise in an environment in constant change.
Any one of the proposals presented merits a comment but because of the reduced space here I will say that overall they seem to have a good deal of sustentation to be tacken seriously.
In section 2 we present the Alpha-Beta autoassociative memories, base of our new model of BAM, and the theoretical sustentation of Alpha-Beta BAM.