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it was his business to faint and go into hysterics, in the execution of which duty he performed the most astonishing feats of strength, flooring his attentive partner by the convulsive extension of his arms or legs, and upsetting his supporters on all sides till half of them were sprawling on the floor, and invariably refusing to "come to" without the indulgence of a long and strong pull at a black bottle borne by the master of ceremonies for the sole sustentation of the lady, and ostentatiously labelled "Old Tom" (Smith 1857: 254-255).
Peter's Basilica where there are strong bases on the sides that correspond to interaction among the teams in a business process, the sustentation in the intermediate levels signifies the middle managers, responsible for the focalisation of the processes and the connections at the extreme top which are small as a result of habiliment of the structure.
A series of meetings were held, at which the leaders concluded that with the increasing pressure put on churches for funds for the minister's sustentation fund, (36) the continuation of separate operations for the BZM and BMS was no longer viable.
Now as Seed being cast into stinking Dung produceth good and wholesome Corn for the sustentation of mans life, so bad manners poduceth good and wholesome Laws for the preservation of Humane Society.
Later it present several principles and generalizations used in cartography and that ate related to the above mentioned topics and the theoretical corresponding sustentation.
Godwin: "they [the Gansas] could abide unmoved without the proppe or sustentation of any corporall thing other then the ayre, as easily and quietly as a fish in the middle of the water .
and "successful" professors--take on the modes of thought and the standards of judgement as to worthiness and worth which are cherished by the directing body [namely business] from which the main source of economic sustentation is derived' (Volume II, p.
S'avancent aussy lesdis gouverneurs et administrateurs de recepvoir les rentes, revenues et aultres drois appartenans a icelle eglise et les distribuer a leur volunte, sans les employer a la sustentation des religieuses, ne a l'entretenement du service divin d'icelle eglise; laquelle, au moyen dudit gouvernement, du dit est taillee de a traictie de temps tumber en totalle ruyne et desolation.
Yet the course Barrera taught at the Complutense (which he says directly gave rise to this book) must have been, by virtue of Barrera's erudition, ecumenicity, and willingness to offer detailed sustentation for a strong thesis, an invigorating challenge to his abler students.
They are as follows: 1) the interest in the preservation of life; 2) the need to protect innocent third parties; 3) the prevention of suicide; and 4) the sustentation of the ethical integrity of medical practice.
treats his subjects as a huntsman doth his game, and sets his ministers on the people, like unto the other his hounds upon the prey, who are sure to worry them to death, or hunt them to dens and corners, whence they dare not stir abroad but for the sustentation [sic] of life, to give fresh pleasure to their cruel keeper.
Indeed, some liberals actively supported the sustentation of regulated private schools to complement the public system, particularly in times of political and social upheaval.