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Kertesz (1909)--Catalogued world species of Ancylorrhynchus including the following 10 Afrotropical species: cruciger, fulvicollis, humeralis, maculatus, quadrimaculatus, susurrus, tricolor (with Reynaudii as synonym), unifasciatus, variegatus.
fleshes out the ambiguities inherent in the term susurrus as an extension of the Hellenistic cicada-sounding poetics.
His realization that the sounds are words, poems recited in "hushed susurrus," is a powerful moment, but also another ambiguous one.
We lay quietly, separately, until the world's background music resumed--the ticking of the radiator; the hum of the refrigerator motor; from the canyon far below, the muffled beep of car horns amid the susurrus of red-light stop and green-light go--all of it as familiar and grounding as a heartbeat.
May a susurrus of light applause come bathe the roof.
There's no greater sensory experience than listening to millions of them beating their wings to produce a collective shussssh or soft murmuring sound, which scientists call a susurrus.
And there came, like the dry susurrus of wind before thunder peals and lightning, a great rustle of excitement, the pages of minds turning in welcome to the novel sense of freedom and the exhilarating lack of defined direction.
They hear the susurrus of his hand exploring the surface of the wall, the frayed corduroy at his cuffs catching on barbs of cinder, & then they're sensible of another sound, coming out of the dark.
A river runs through it, carrying a susurrus of advanced ideas to the sea.
5409 / FF', 'Ancylorrhynchus / susurrus Karsch / Det.