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Those listed as Ethiopian (Afrotropical) were: apicalis, braunsi, cruciger, crux, fortipes, fulvicollis, funebris, humeralis, hyaeiformis [sic = hylaeiformis], insignis, maculatus, magnificus, munroi, nomada, nynkinensis [sic = nyukinus], pretoriensis, quadrimaculatus, reynaudii, splendens, susurrus, tricolor, tricolor reynaudii, unifasciatus, variegatus, zonalis.
fleshes out the ambiguities inherent in the term susurrus as an extension of the Hellenistic cicada-sounding poetics.
There's no greater sensory experience than listening to millions of them beating their wings to produce a collective shussssh or soft murmuring sound, which scientists call a susurrus.
And there came, like the dry susurrus of wind before thunder peals and lightning, a great rustle of excitement, the pages of minds turning in welcome to the novel sense of freedom and the exhilarating lack of defined direction.
They hear the susurrus of his hand exploring the surface of the wall, the frayed corduroy at his cuffs catching on barbs of cinder, & then they're sensible of another sound, coming out of the dark.
5409 / FF', 'Ancylorrhynchus / susurrus Karsch / Det.
And the cicadas were chanting, and the willows were straggling their tresses in the water, and the cottonwood and the ash were making that late summer hush, that susurrus.