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SUTLER. A man whose employment is to sell provisions and liquor to a camp.
     2. By the articles of war, art. 29, no sutler is permitted to sell any kind of liquor or victuals, or to keep his house or shop open for the entertainment of soldiers, after nine at night, or before the beating of the reveillee, or upon Sundays during divine service or sermon, on penalty of being dismissed all future sutling. And by art. 60, all sutlers are to be subject to orders according to the rules and discipline of war.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"At Valley Forge, from 1777 to February 1778, soldiers consumed nearly 16,000 gallons of military issued whiskey and rum" and continued to seek even more whiskey from the nearby sutlers after drinking through their rations.
Saudi Arabia agreed to accept the Sharif family "on humanitarian grounds" as he sutlers from a heart ailment and high blood pressure.
Soldiers purchased canned goods from government-licensed sutlers, but government rations consisted primarily of salt pork, hardtack, and, on occasion, desiccated vegetables; not canned goods.
Army regulatory practices for controlling sutler operations at a frontier fort and shaped the sutlers position and the way in which the sutler's store operated.
Some of the sutlers and vendors attending the event include: Kevin Titus, 26th Yankee Division, Big Bear Trading Company, Tailor, Tory Royal Blue Traders, Chris Herbert, Crew of the Mermayde, Steinhagen Pottery, Murry Newton,Wendy Inglis, 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Andy Chase, Heather Lieber ...
Traders,"sutlers," and venders at reenactments, sell to prospective participants everything they need, such as costuming, weaponry, and miscellany--the basics for looking realistic.
Linen thread is obtained from sutlers, and comes in various thicknesses for the various weights of fabric.
Langeron left it to the reader to "imagine the terrible destruction that ensued, the cries of unfortunate servants, sutlers, the sick and wounded, women and children, Frenchmen and foreigners that had retreated from Moscow with the army and were now crushed under the wheels [of carts], disfigured by the explosions of bombs, or dying on Cossack pikes, running to the burning bridge only to be consumed by the flames or devoured by the waves of the river." (87)
The book traces the history of providing comfort items to American soldiers from the sutlers who followed troops during the Civil War selling luxury items from home.