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I saw the best swaggering I've witnessed in my life during a visit to San Carlo in Birmingham city centre recently, courtesy of the waiters.
Now imagine if you could somehow amalgamate them into one swaggering, beer-swilling hope for the modern Manchester Music scene.
The strutting, preening, swaggering, and hypermasculinity of bachelor (sub)cultures also transcend the boundaries of time and space, and such conduct seems designed to impress potential mates and to intimidate competitors.
Another one of my favourite swaggering stars, Joe Cole, is nailed on for the England squad so I've heard, which would be great news.
Smith is the wildly entertaining aristocratic snob at the center of this circle of tea-sipping "Scorpioni," a woman whose disdain for all things not quite British enough goes hand in glove with a gaping blind spot for Mussolini's swaggering braggadocio.
The band have brought this unique brand of folk noir/gypsy jazz/sea shanty and their all screaming, all sweating, swaggering stage spectacle to ballrooms and booze-houses the length and breadth of Europe; sullying soirees and lowering inhibitions of get togethers and social occasions wherever they have ventured.
Songs such as London Queen and Boom Clap were glorious bursts of synth-driven pop, while her cover of Bow Wow Wow's I Want Candy was full of swaggering attitude.
Yet I believe it takes more of a man to be honest with oneself and to live openly and comfortably with his sexuality and to be more compassionate with others different from himself than to be some back-slapping, swaggering macho man who hides what he is.
He reads Turner, the "mouth of the South," in a swaggering Southern accent and Murdoch in a smarmy pseudo-upper class British accent.
There's even talk about boosting scents in crops and commercial flowers for bigger yields, more sniff appeal, and perhaps swaggering courage, too.