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I saw the best swaggering I've witnessed in my life during a visit to San Carlo in Birmingham city centre recently, courtesy of the waiters.
Now imagine if you could somehow amalgamate them into one swaggering, beer-swilling hope for the modern Manchester Music scene.
Social and material circumstances, in other words, exaggerate, blunt, or even redirect the swaggering, bellicose, risk-taking impulses borne of social circumstances millennia ago.
Recent single Her Diamonds was full of typical breast-beating bluster, typifying the swaggering content elsewhere on the LP.
But ``Blade'' is hardly about acting; it's about swaggering, which is why it seemed odd that an actor of Wesley Snipes' caliber was interested in playing the role not one but three times in films.
Yet I believe it takes more of a man to be honest with oneself and to live openly and comfortably with his sexuality and to be more compassionate with others different from himself than to be some back-slapping, swaggering macho man who hides what he is.
He reads Turner, the "mouth of the South," in a swaggering Southern accent and Murdoch in a smarmy pseudo-upper class British accent.
Maia Wilkins, as the rambunctious Katherine, and Davis Robertson as Petruchio, her swaggering bridegroom, gave stellar performances in this ballet, which has been praised since its 1969 debut.
Male lobsters swaggering around tanks may preserve their pecking order by remembering who has already trounced them.
Also, along the way, Kitten meets her share of admirers, including, but not limited to, a magician (Stephen Rea), a psychopath (Bryan Ferry) and a swaggering pub singer (Gavin Friday).