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Another device is the Obalon swallowable IGB system (Obalon Therapeutics Inc.
Within a half-hour of treatment, acid levels began dropping more effectively in those who had taken the chewable calcium carbonate tablets--compared to any of the swallowable tablet formulations.
In the absence of existing standards, US regulators have spearheaded initiatives to prohibit public access to magnets that can be foreseeably swallowable.
As the IoT expands to include new types of devices--including wearable, implantable and swallowable computers--these devices will find uses to monitor and improve health when combined with each other and with other patient information through big data.
The 'World War Z' actor didn't bestow his love of nearly eight years with everyday Tic-Tacs or Altoids, instead giving the 37-year-old mother of his six kids with Eat Whatever, a breath-freshening product that includes one swallowable gel cap and a mint to suck on.
Dutch company Swallowable Parfum is developing a similar concept, although not so much a sweet as an edible cosmetic.
P&G developed a proprietary process for Prilosec OTC Wildberry that coats the swallowable pill to create the burst of flavor.
Beyond the heart, they believe such devices might include swallowable endoscopes -- so-called "pillcams" that travel the digestive tract -- permanent pacemakers and precision brain stimulators; virtually any medical applications where device size and power matter.
These devices include swallowable robotic capsules, disposable drills and power tools, and cauterizers.
For fragrance that truly gets under your skin, how about "The Swallowable Perfume," reportedly created by an Australian artist and a Harvard University biolo-gist?