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Beyond the heart, they believe such devices might include swallowable endoscopes -- so-called "pillcams" that travel the digestive tract -- permanent pacemakers and precision brain stimulators; virtually any medical applications where device size and power matter.
The device is a swallowable capsule attached to a length of string which expands in the stomach into a 3cm-wide sponge-like mesh.
We will not go after anything huge but we will look at acquisitions that are swallowable," Sawiris said.
Ronald McDonald doesn't perch at your bedside dropping swallowable slithers of chicken nuggets into your open sleeping mouth does he?
In spite of sensational tales of alligators drowning prey with rolls, Fish says he thinks gators mostly use the move to rip a swallowable chunk of meat off a carcass.
The development of the swallowable video-capsule (M2A).
It was this figure of speech, this stroke of consummate diplomacy, that made the whole of his eloquent plea swallowable for Southern throats.
It is likely that this denture could have enabled an edentulous individual to successfully bite off pieces of food of swallowable size, even if they could not chew.
LOOK at your nursery from your child's point of view - get down on your hands and knees and look for swallowable items, rough edges and protrusions.