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Given the central role that swap dealers play in this new regulatory regime, the definition of "swap dealer" is among the most important definitions under Dodd-Frank.
In a tax swap, you sell the bond and use the proceeds to buy another bond.
In an effort to refinance its real estate debt, a large urology group became frustrated because of what appeared to be an excessive swap termination fee.
Specifically, the Interim Final Rule details the type of information regarding pre-enactment swaps that swap participants should be sure to retain in the event they are captured by the final rule on reporting.
SAVE 310 calories Swap duck in orange sauce, 840 calories, for chicken chasseur, 480 calories
Assumptions regarding the exercise of call options for swap valuations are generally not explicitly outlined in the swap documentation.
Gowealthy's Prop Swap inks deal with Property Swap Shop, UK's leading property swapping portal
The purpose of this study is to determine whether pricing efficiency exists in the yen-dollar currency swap dealer market.
For FastTrak Serial ATA RAID adapter users, the combination of hot swap capability with RAID 1, RAID 0+1, or RAID 5 provides high-availability and enhanced reliability that is ideal for use in small server applications.
For instance, a taxpayer with a floating-rate borrowing may enter into a swap that essentially converts the borrowing into a fixed-rate borrowing.
Tim Saunders, a veteran swap meet and flea market enthusiast, recently spotted a large collection of Disney articles, a category known as Disneyana in the collectible world, on sale at the Rose Bowl swap meet for a fraction of what it was worth.
Many CDO structures use swap agreements to transform the cash flow characteristics of the issuer's assets into payment terms sought by investors.