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Although Susan described first seeing the swarm as "something out of a horror film" she said it was fascinating to watch.
Hywel and Nia put their retrieved swarm in a bucket before returning them to a different hive to produce their honey.
Caringo Swarm is the ideal long-term storage solution for the most stringent corporate and government use cases.
As an example, McAlister said an editor could take data from one source, such as local government spending, and map it against data provided by users in a swarm such as their opinions of local government services.
Until now, artificial evolution has typically been run on a computer which is external to the swarm, with the best strategy then copied to the robots.
Dr Hauert, Senior Lecturer in Robotics in the Department of Engineering Mathematics and Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), said: "This is the first step towards robot swarms that automatically discover suitable swarm strategies in the wild".
To make things even more interesting, the colonies in the traps and that small Langstroth hive swarmed not once, but twice.
Freelance writer Becky Weaver posted a picture in a tweet @ becky2293 showing the swarm outside the pub.
A non-threatening swarm like this is usually on the look-out for a new nest location.
The team from Cove Honey Bees were notified of the swarm and promptly headed to Holburn Street to assess the situation.